" creating thematically coherent sound worlds for each and every composition is crucial to sustaining immersion. "

Landmark of Overdues

With specious, cordial lips,
trumpeting this truth as you may,
basking in sunken treasure ~ greetings ~ of
"I needed you",
some lost wanderer you claim you knew
earns a place in your line of fishes,
an oriental relic from the now glorified landmark of overdues.

DSP Original Poem Setting (2019): This composition features techniques of spectral audio signal processing, granular synthesis, and string resonators to convey the poem's morphing metaphors.




I wish you would hold me
long enough to grow hungry,
'til your love becomes eternal
and swallows me to nothing.

DSP Original Poem Setting (2019) - This composition exploits the use of FFTs, the phase vocoder, convolution, and a variety of other digital signal processing tools to process readings of the poem.

Presented at the SEAMUS 2020 National Conference (Concert 4) on behalf of the University of Virginia



CsoundQT Note-List Composition (2019) - A showcase of audio synthesis techniques made possible in Csound.

Ambient Composition (2018) - A demonstration of original soft-synth patches with NI Komplete



Soundbyte Composition (2019) - All sounds created and heard were processed from a soundbyte, one recorded reading of the spoken word, "flight", heard at the beginning of the piece. There were no drums, pads, leads, synth samples used. The resulting sounds are a result of sampling techniques and phase vocoder manipulation.

Electronic Soundscape (2018) - All sounds were derived from only 9 short samples: mouth harp, bell, glass tone, goat hoof rattle, gong, bowed trashcan lid, bowed cymbal, cowbell, garbage can rolling.

Acousmatic Musical Analogies to Poetry (2019) - A demonstration of blending electronic and symphonic textures and exploration of new musical styles.



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