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Alison Bernice Ma (b. 1998) is a Master's of Science Music Technology student and recipient of the College of Design Dean's Fellowship (2020) at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she participates as a member of the Music Informatics Group research lab under Dr. Alexander Lerch. Previous degrees include a Bachelor's of Music in Electronic Production and Design from the Berklee College of Music, where she was the recipient of the Max Mathews Award (2019).


As a graduate student, Alison's research interests reside within the field of music information retrieval, digital signal processing, and machine learning for musical applications. Her efforts are motivated by her enthusiasm for creative expression, discovering uncharted sonic creativity, enhancing the music creation process, and further exploring the truths and intricacies that make up sound.

As a sound designer and artist, Alison is always looking to discover new possibilities of layering, mangling, and morphing sounds. She loves to apply her sound design skills in numerous different contexts, whether that be in discovering new and innovative styles of composition or various interactive media applications.