" creating thematically coherent sound worlds for each and every composition is crucial to telling a convincing story. "

Landmark of Overdues (2019)

With specious, cordial lips,
trumpeting this truth as you may,
basking in sunken treasure ~ greetings ~ of
"I needed you",
some lost wanderer you claim you knew
earns a place in your line of fishes,
an oriental relic from the now glorified landmark of overdues.

DSP Original Poem Setting: This composition features techniques of spectral audio signal processing, granular synthesis, and string resonators to convey the poem's morphing metaphors. Click here to listen to the full composition.



Engulf (2019)

I wish you would hold me
long enough to grow hungry,
'til your love becomes eternal
and swallows me to nothing.

DSP Original Poem Setting - This composition exploits the use of FFTs, the phase vocoder, convolution, and a variety of other digital signal processing tools to process readings of the poem.

Presented at the SEAMUS 2020 National Conference (Concert 4 ) on behalf of the University of Virginia: http://2020.seamusonline.org/#seamus-2020-digital-conference



CsoundQT Note-List Composition - A showcase of audio synthesis techniques made possible in Csound.

Modular Soundscape - All sounds were generated from the MakeNoise Shared System.

Ambient piece - A demonstration of original soft-synth patches using Native Instruments' Komplete.



Soundbyte Composition - All sounds created and heard were processed from a soundbyte, one recorded reading of the spoken word, "flight", heard at the beginning of the piece. There were no drums, pads, leads, synth samples used. The resulting sounds are a result of sampling techniques and phase vocoder manipulation.

Electronic Soundscape - All sounds were derived from only 9 short samples: mouth harp, bell, glass tone, goat hoof rattle, gong, bowed trashcan lid, bowed cymbal, cowbell, garbage can rolling.

Musique Concrète Soundscape - A demonstration of creative splicing techniques and audio collage-work.

Electronic Symphonic Musical Analogies to Poetry (2019) - A demonstration of blending electronic and symphonic textures and exploration of new musical styles.



© ℗ 2020 Alison Ma

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